Join Us At Ed O'Keefe's First Ever Client Appreciation Event
Imagine 2 Days Masterminding With Jesse Itzler, Dollar Beard Club CEO Chris Stoikos, 
Chris Walker, Rick Steele, 
Ed O’Keefe...
...and Inner Circle’s Most Successful Members Revealing Their Best Marketing, Money Making, and Life-Freedom Secrets!
When: September 12-13, 2017
Where: Nashville, TN
If you are looking to think bigger your future, your business, potential income, and truly imagine a life filled with fun, freedom and impact....then you must find a way to be at our first ever EOK “Inner Circle” Client Appreciation Event in Nashville, on September 12th and 13th! 

This is your chance to get out of your "day-to-day" and surround yourself with high level Entrepreneurs who are making a massive impact, while making great money!

If you haven't noticed, things are changing rapidly! 

Whether you are an info-marketer, selling health supplements, or consultant, your ability to get customers into your business and KEEP thing is becoming every-increasingly more vital and with the proliferation of information, and low barrier to entry to private label products...YOU MUST HAVE A Bigger Plan Than Your Competition! 
What's Working NOW! 
Facebook, Email, Instagram...& Video!
For that...I've got you Covered:-)

You'll hear presentations that will keep you on the cutting edge of "What's Working" on the front-line of online marketing, social media, to flood your business with customers! Your ability to turn "Advertising Into Profit" will you'll see in this letter what I have planned for you. 

Even more importantly, this event will have of multiple speakers share how they built a life worth living, WHILE simultaneously creating unlimited wealth...measured financially and also by the impact! 

As a father of 7, entrepreneur, investor, and author, these values are extremely important to me... and that is why:
I've assembled a world-class line-up of Entrepreneurs who have built Million Dollar to even Billion Dollar companies for you:
Speaker #1: Jesse Itzler, Author of Living With A Seal, Generated $5 Billion In Sales With Marquis Jets, Raised $15,000,000 for Zico Coconut Water, Co-Owner of Atlanta Hawks, Fitlanthorpist, and Endurance Athlete
You will never meet another person like Jesse Itzler! 

He is ridiculously inspiring to be around. Full of energy, insights, and super high level ideas! 

You will walk out of this session with mental breakthroughs that you can apply to your business, health, and way of living! 

Here's a quick run-down: After selling a NBA theme song licensing business, he and his friend founded a company called Marquis Jets, OUT OF THIN AIR.

They created a 25 HOUR time-card where Celebrities, Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals could rent their jets. Marquis Jets did 5 BILLION in sales over a 9 year period before selling to Warren Buffet’s owned company NETJETS. 

I've asked Jesse to share a few stories of how he got access, pitched, and landed some of his highest profile clients...and how he has created life-long friendships. I've heard some of these stories...and I promise you will be blown away! 
Raised $15,000,000 For Zico Coconut Water
Create "The Sizzle", Before Selling To COKE
After Marquis Jets, he didn't stop there, while training for a 100 Mile Race he discovered the power of Coconut water. He follow his new passion and ended up raising $15,000,000 for Zico Coconut Water (partnering with CEO Mark Rampola) and help put it in the hands of Celebrities, Pro Athletes, and Musicians...creating what Jesse likes to call "The Sizzle"...before selling to Coca Cola 4 years later. 

Most recently, Jesse helped put a group together to buy the Atlanta Hawks. Following another passion of healthy eating, he discovered KNOWFoods, a grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, near zero glycemic index bread that is going to completely disrupt the bread industry. Jesse brought a group of investors together (I'm one of them) and raised over $10,000,000.  

He'll share his strategy for identifying opportunities, THINKING BIG, and seeing the end movie in his mind! 

Jesse is also married SPANX founder and CEO Sara Blakely. They truly are the power couple- and his talk will expand your mind...that you'll only understand by BEING there LIVE!  

Speaker #2: Chris Stoikos, Dollar Beard Club, The Secret Art of Building A Fast-Growing 8 Figure Brand With Viral Videos! 
Chris is the Co-founder and CEO of Dollar Beard Club...a FAST growing and massively disruptive business providing beard supplies (oils, combs, and even supplements) to men all over!

What's inspiring is that a VIRAL video is what set the stage to put
Dollar Beard Club Sales through the roof. Check out one of his viral videos:
Operating with a broken website, hardly any paid traffic, email marketing, or affiliate marketing, they pulled in $10.5 million in sales within their first year of business. Now they are doing over $15,000,000+ in revenue and have no plans of slowing down.

By the age of 28, Chris has been responsible for over 100 million video views, tens of millions of dollars in sales, and has even landed a deal on ABC’s Shark Tank in April 2016 for Coolbox, a product which he’s now since licensed.

Chris will share his proven formula that he’s perfected for producing viral videos has built an extensive base of raving customers, bringing in massive returns on investment. This formula is now something that he is looking to share with the world.
Speaker #3: Rick Steele,"How To Go From 
$885k in its first year to over $65 million 
in Just 10 Years  While Completely Disrupting A Gigantic Market"
Whether he is doing a 24 hour Tough Mudder, Navy Seal Kokoro Camp, or helping his daughter with her Canine Rescue Non-Profit, Rick Steele knows how to figure out a way to win big by making the world a better place. 

Just 13 years ago, he co-founded a cordless window blinds company called Select Blinds that started at ZERO and now is over $70,000,000 in annual revenue!

Rick will share not only the practical strategies that took his company to over 7600% increase, but also how to challenge your thinking! He constantly asks his team:

“Are we shuffling the DVD aisle at Blockbuster or disrupting the entire industry with something new?” (Psssst...choose the latter)

Rick is a master at: 
  •  inspiring high performing entrepreneurs to think bigger about their potentiality and making an exponential impact
  • putting a focus on his health! He's a an absolute machine. Not only does he hold the record for fastest kayaking time around Richard Branson's Necker Island...he also holds the fastest running record as well! 
  • his core relationships! His family photos and date nights with his kids say it all
  •  Plus much more! 
Ed O'Keefe- The 5 Best Ways To Grow Your Business Online Fast, Build Your Tribe, & Get Paid Premium Prices When Selling Books, Your Expertise, and Health Supplements! 
I Plan On Covering 5 Big Topics on Marketing, Money Impact, and Life Wealth Concepts 
  • How to Flood Your Business With “Buyers” Using A Proven Book Funnel! This works for health, make money, and more importantly positioning you or your business as an AUTHORITY! We are adding tons of “buyers”... not leads… into our businesses DAILY! These "Buyer" become our best customers AND you can use it in ANY busiorryness of getting your ads disapproved or banned! 
  • 5 Business Models That Are Crushing on Facebook that You Can Swipe Immediately For Massive Growth...and Be Ahead of Your Competitors! Your focus and clarity will be unmatched after you hear this presentation!
  •  Video, Video, Video! Why Video is Changing the GAME and how YOU can build massive audiences and buyers following YOU...even if your marketing skills are average! You don't have to be over-the-top annoying or crazy...but actually "helpful" is the new secret!
     This “shift” will be unlike anything you are experiencing now in your business. I promise it!
  •  The 7 Shifts ONLINE happening right now...that you MUST be aware of and be ahead of in order to thrive at the end of 2017...and 2018! I’m not kidding. If you are doing what worked even just 6 months’ll be left behind! 
  •  How To Create A Life Where You Are Guaranteed To Succeed and Be Massively Fulfilled! Right now, so many entrepreneurs are in "chase" mode and confused...even though they are "successful" by most standards. I'll walk you through a process I call: Closing the "Meaning Gap!" This will blow you away while simultaneously giving you instant clarity, confidence, and courage to go full-steam ahead!
  •  Plus Much Much More! 
More Amazing Speakers and Platinum Members Who are Sharing Their Secrets Will Be Announced Soon! 
Over the next coming days and weeks, I'll announce more of the speakers and guests I have lined up. 

I literally spoke to two of my Platinum Members that are having record years...who run 2 completely different businesses! 

Each will share what they are doing it and how they are doing it.

Think about it: You’ll get to learn from, share with, and party with the other Inner Circle Members!  

Get all my resources, rub elbows with people who are already where you want to be, and meet people you can learn from, joint venture with, and become life long friends. 
What is the Investment?
You get all for the price of just $99 bucks if you are an active Silver Inner Circle Member (and guests are $397) . 

My Platinum and Platinum Plus members get to attend absolutely FREE, plus bring 1 guest at no additional cost. 

If you are not a member, then your ticket is $2,000. I know, as they say, "Membership does have it's privileges"...and don't worry if you are not one yet, because below I have a link where you can change all that.  
Why Am I Creating So Much 
Value For So Little? 
Bluntly, I want my “inner circle” to be THE place you want to STAY...because I keep over-delivering month after month, which results in more profits in your pocket...while you LIVE the DREAM LIFE! 

I'm not joking...and I want to impact YOUR life... like no other coach, mentor, friend, or teacher ever has...and the only way I can do that is get you in the room with my other members and my cadre of speakers! 

They were all picked because they embody a holistic "Life Wealth" mentality and behavior...that I know you will feel and see it when you are here! 
Why You Must Make A Decision & Register Today! 
This event is one of those offers that is "too good to be true" AND simultaneously won't last long. I purposefully kept this event size small so you can make great connections and be up close and personal with my speakers.

We literally ONLY have 100 seats available and over 77 of those have been taken up. That leaves just 23 seats available! 

When you take into account that I have more "Inner Circle" members than that, along with guests, and the fact I will be sending this out to my over 4500 recent book buyers...I'm happy to report that this will be a full house.

Whether you are there will depend on how quickly you can make a decision and register. So, here are the last few details you might need. 

"Inner Circle" Event Location

Aertson Hotel Nashville

Kimpton Aertson Hotel, the boutique hotel centerpiece of the much-anticipated Aertson Midtown mixed-use destination, is the perfect accompaniment to the creative spirit of this city. Be surrounded by open spaces and original artwork. Kick back with a Tennessee whiskey, neat. Taste inventive dishes at the chef’s private table. Dip your toes into our rooftop pool overlooking the beautiful Vanderbilt University campus.

Room block information will be included in your confirmation email.
Event Schedule

Tuesday, September 12th

8:30 - 11:45: Speakers & Training

12:00 - 1:00: Lunch 

1:15 - 5:00 Speakers & Training 

Evening:  Event Party with Country Musicians Playing Easy Ivy Mansion!

Wednesday, September 13th

8:30 - 12:00: Speakers and Training

12:00 - 1:00: Lunch 

1:15 - 5:00: Speakers and Training

100% Money Back 
There you have it! 

Everything you could possibly need to know to get registered. To put your mind at ease and know how serious I'm taking your investment of money...but MORE IMPORTANTLY...your "TIME"...I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

So, if you come out to Nashville to the event and don't leave absolutely blown away...and this event is literally the most impactful in your life for what you need today, then I will put your investment to be there back in your bank account!

ZERO questions asked! 
To Join My Silver Membership And Watch The Livestream, Click Below.
PS: You are NOT Alone! I'm promise you that you will be blown away by how amazing my "inner circle" group is when you attend. 

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and scary thing...the best way to overcome it is to put yourself in the environment with other successful entrepreneurs!

You literally have nothing to lose...and everything to gain! 

See you there,

Ed O'Keefe
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